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Digital Switchover

Digital switch over

Digital Switch Over Diagram

Television signals can be received via an aerial, satellite, cable or broadband connection. Switchover affects any TV that receives its signal from an aerial.

If you use an aerial, it will receive its signal from a transmitter. In the UK, there are more than 1,150 transmitters organised into around 80 transmitter groups that switch to digital one by one. Each group has a main switchover transmitter and local relay transmitters.

Before switchover, local relay transmitters are only able to transmit an analogue TV signal. After switchover, for the first time, all transmitters including local relay transmitters will transmit a digital signal and increase the number of channels available from around 5 to around 15.

Why is it important that I understand which transmitter I am watching?

Your switchover date and the number of channels you receive will depend on which transmitter you receive your signal from. Signals from nearby transmitters often overlap, so you may have a choice of which one you can watch. One may give you a better signal than another, or increase the number of services you can receive.

If you are watching a main transmitter you will receive more than 40 digital channels. If you are watching a relay transmitter you will receive around 15 digital TV channels.

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